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How Does It Work

DNA Angel Project™

What is the DNA Angel Project™?

The DNA Angel Project™ is the creation of Ellen Thompson-Jennings, Family History Hound and owner of Shop the Hound.  The goal is to give the genealogy community the opportunity to pursue their genetic genealogy by offering free DNA material through draws that will take place every month. Draws will include DNA kits, DNA books, DNA quick guides, DNA consultations or DNA courses.

How is the program funded?

We set aside revenue from our store; Shop the Hound and through links on our blog; Hound on the Hunt to purchase DNA kits and other DNA material.

Who can enter to received a DNA kit?

We are located in Canada and because the kits must ship within Canada that part of the program is only open to Canadians (excluding Quebec).  But we want the DNA Angel Project  to be available in Canada and the U.S. so we will be offering draws for DNA books, DNA guides, DNA consultation or DNA courses as well (on alternative months) that would allow our U.S. friends to participate and we will pursue finding a solution so our U.S. followers can participate in the kit program as well.

How do I know there’s a draw?

All you have to do is join the Hound on the Hunt Blog and we’ll let you know when the next draw will take place.

What kind of kit will I get?

If you are the recipient of a DNA kit from the DNA Angel Project™ you will receive a DNA kit that will be yours to activate. DNA kits will be from the following companies; Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA or 23andMe and DNA kit will be clearly identified in the draw and draw rules.

What else could I receive?

When we aren’t giving away DNA kits we will give away DNA books, DNA guides, DNA consultations or DNA courses.

How can I participate?
All you have to do is sign up for the Hound on the Hunt blog and you will be notified of our next draw. 

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